Diesel Truck Vs Gasser- Which is a better choice?

Which is better – Gas or Diesel in a truck? This is not a pulling contest -this is about making the right choice in a truck for your company. No B.S.- or bia’s- just pro’s and cons of Gas & diesel in a pick up truck that needs to work to make a living. Go to DieselSellerz if you want to see wicked, outrageous trucks- stay here if you need to decide what work truck is your next choice. We discuss ford diesel-7.3 liter, 6.1 liter and 6.4 liter engines, and my favorite- cummins diesel. BTW – I love these guys – DieselSellerz are at : https://www.youtube.com/user/therisebytrial

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And my Personal Favorite: Elliot Hulse

Tai Lopez has some great info here :

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