Fix Rust Spot Chipped Bathtub & Sink with simple store bought product

I bought this Nu-Porce Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Repair Kit at Walmart. It’s an easy to use durable epoxy to repair sinks, tubs, and appliances. Fills hairline cracks, repairs chips, self leveling. Everything necessary for a professional repair: applicator brush, sandpaper, and mixing tray included in kit. For repair and refinishing of chips, scratches and hairline cracks on porcelain, ceramic tiles, bathroom fixtures, metal, kitchen appliances, fiberglass, formica and many other solid, clean and properly prepared surfaces. Nu Porce will last a lifetime!

Instructions: The surface to be repaired must be clean and dry. Sand lightly to insure good adhesion. Thoroughly stir the color resin prior to adding the clear curing agent. Pour the quantity necessary for your repair in equal amounts into the blister mixing tray. Stir thoroughly and let stand for 10 minutes before application, waiting longer for vertical surfaces. Total open time is approximately 30 minutes. A second coat may be applied after 6 hours. Allow to dry overnight before wetting. After one week, the repair may be cleaned with any non abrasive household cleaning agent. Spills may be cleaned with acetone or lacquer thinner. (This product is not intended for high heat applications.)

*This product fixed my sink’s rusted surface, my sink’s enamel coating had chipped away and caused a big rust spot. I found that this product worked very well for me. The end result is a special durable coating that’s as tough and hard as the sink’s original coating. If you don’t know what to do, now you do.

Note: Due to color variations by different manufacturers , Nu-Porce will not always match perfectly. However, a near match is always better than an unsightly chip. The Nu-Porce color resins can be intermixed to achieve a shade you desire, prior to adding the clear catalyst. Remember Nu-Porce is a filler as well as a finish and is much thicker than conventional paints.


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