How to Change 2D into 3D using Gradient fill in PowerPoint

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In this tutorial we converted a simple 2 dimensional rectangle into a three dimensional pipe by applying gradient fill in PowerPoint. We didn’t use any 3D tool to achieve the result. Let us see how to achieve the result in a step by step way.
First, go to Auto shapes menu and pick up the rectangle shape. Remove outline. Right click on the rectangle and to ‘Format shape’ dialog box. In ‘Fill’ option choose Gradient fill.
Now, for a moment, imagine the rectangle to be a three dimensional pipe. If there were to be light shining from the front, you can easily visualize the mid portion of the pipe receiving maximum light. This part thus would be the brightest. The two edges would receive progressively lesser light and hence would get progressively dark.
We will try to recreate the same effect by using PowerPoint Gradient fill. Go to Gradient fill and choose the preset called ‘Moss’. This preset has three gradient stops. Select the first stop and choose a dark shade to fill color. Select the last stop and choose the same dark shade. These two stops represent the two edges of the pipe. Now, select the middle stop and choose a much lighter shade. As soon as you change the fill colors you can see the rectangle convert to a 3D PowerPoint pipe.
When you move the stop position of the second gradient stop, you can see the light source move accordingly. You can always vary the various stop positions depending on the direction in which you want the light source to come.
This is how you convert 2D to 3D shape in PowerPoint by just using the Gradient fill option. The tutorial showcases some examples of 3D shapes used in diagram templates for business presentations. The diagram templates are taken from our ‘PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates Packs for CEOs’. The packs have more than 1600 PowerPoint Charts, Graphs, Diagrams and Graphics to help you visualize every business idea imaginable.
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