How To Make Money On eBay Without Going To Daily Job

How To Make Money On eBay –

Hi, my name is Tad. Well you don’t know me but I am going to show you how to sell on eBay, how to find products, how to find suppliers and how to start an eBay business from scratch. I am going to show one technique I use and this is one of eight techniques I have in my arsenal. I will show you how to find a lot of products on eBay first.

You need to start from eBay and go to advanced search. You need to insert keyword and it can be broad or specific word. The main goal is to use words like portable, mini, spy it can be color like black, green or yellow. It can be shape like square or circle. I will start from word mini and I will choose search including title and description. I want to get a lot of products and I ideas I can resell on eBay. Here I will choose price range just because I don’t want to resell cheap products. I want to sell high price products and by saying that I mean from 30 to 100 dollars.

Finally I am going to choose location. I will choose located in China. Why I want to find products located in China? Well, just because I want to order products from China, I want to find suppliers from China. Wait few minutes more and I will show you how to find products and suppliers. I used China as the main source and I have eBay business.

I am ordering products from China just because I can get them cheap and I can compete with other eBay sellers to make more money.

The last thing is to click search. Let’s wait a little bit and look we have a lot of results here. We can filter results by category, but I am not going to do this right now. I am going to click auctions only and just because I want to sell hot products I will choose number of bids most first.

Let’s check. I want to sell small, light weight and high price products. I don’t want to sell big products. I don’t want to have warehouse. I am doing eBay business alone and this is what I like. I order small products so I can save a lot of money on shipping and I don’t need to have big place for storing products.

This is something like that, small and light weight product. Let’s wait few products more. I don’t sell tablets because competition is huge and you will not make any money on eBay. I will look for other products.

Here we have a lot of products and now we know how to make money on eBay, what to sell on eBay and make money. I will check this one and one more. If you want to get more ideas go here and click buy it now. Here we have even more products we can resell on eBay. For example this android player with keyboard is good. Of course you can use categories and filter products.

If someone from China is selling products on eBay that means you can get same products from China. Let me show you one source.

I use Alibaba site and let me check each product now to be sure that I can get same product from China. It is TV Box Google android player. Sorry I made mistake but I will correct it fast. I am looking for same product. Yes look it is same product and we can order from this supplier.

I have another item it is GPS tracker. I know this item and it is small and light weight. Bam this is the same product right.

This one looks nice and nail dryer. We can find a lot of nail dryers here.

So what we did today. I started from eBay and we found some small, light weight and high products.

If you want to order GPS tracker don’t go and order this product right away. You need to contact all available suppliers here on Alibaba. They are selling same products and just because of that you need to contact them all. Sometimes they like to cheat on the price. You need to ask same questions. How much you want for 50 units with shipping included to my country. Why you need to ask this question? You need to ask this question just because they like to cheat on shipping price. Sometimes they say ok I will give you this product for 30 dollars and shipping 20 dollars per piece.

Other supplier can say ok I can sell you this product for 35 dollars and shipping 5 dollars per piece. They are cheating and you need to watch out. This happens often and this is why you need to contact them all and ask about same quotation.

After that you will know which company is the best and you can order few samples and expand your eBay business. You are asking this question to find best company on Alibaba website.

Don’t forget to ask about paypal because I pay with paypal only. I like paypal because it is safe and I sell on eBay. It is easier for me to collect money and pay with paypal for products.

So this is it. You need to test product before investing a lot of money.
If you want to make $5000 per month on eBay go and visit my website. I have a lot of free videos how to make money on eBay and honestly I am doing one thing now.


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