How To Repack PC Games EXACTLY Like RG Mechanics – For RG Mechanics Fans! (REPACK) (100 %)

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The script was came along from “Deva” and organized by “Yuri Dudes” and gave to me to create a Official Video for it. (Even the video looks trash xD) But anyway, the important here is they made again another script. Note, Blackbox Script from m316dx is not personally given by BlackBox repack, some Inno Setup moderators creates it, so accept the risk!! Even This RG Mechanics Repack is also created by an inno setup moderator and transfer to every person to edit, organized etc. to be form exactly like the subjects repack. Note also that this is only a INNO SETUP INSTALLER, we dont have the compressor and by the way, this means if you have like rg mechanics installer then you can get how high they compress with. But within the files included from the script, they input there all DLL’s , Precomp versions, PackJpg’s that is exactly came from RG Mechanics. This tools are literally not from the original source, i guess RUSSIANS has the power to debug them, improve them, upgrade them and monetize them. That’s why we are thinking that “we have the same compressor but why they compressed more?” RG Mechanics is a group of people, as in GROUP of PEOPLE .. if one of them are expert then it is not impossible, then how if they are all expert? then all are possible.. It takes time to debug, create processors, preprocessors, recompressor, injector, encoder etc. Because it uses some Trial and Error method by which they record the files, check how this became smaller than this, etc. etc…….. LOL ……… sorry for being talky anyways, repacking is good 😀 also Compression is the heart of repacks! 😀

Respect to – RG Mechanics 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂
Respect to – Inno Setup Coders ..
Respect to – RG Fans !!! 😀
Respect to – etc etc etc -_-

Download the .iss files and files from Yuri Dudes !! 🙂
Add him, message him on facebook !

PS. i just created the video, and dont spread from creating more and more repack team that coud break DMCA law that cause PIRACY !! please use this as part of your collection !
Support Game Developers !!!!!!!!!!!!

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