How to Start a Blog at

Discover how easy it is to start a blog at

Adam wants to start a blog about his pet dog and share stories and ideas with other pet owners who might share the same interest, but he’s not sure where to start.

Don’t you need a lot of technical computer knowledge? Won’t it take a long time? Should he go with a free blogging service or invest in a domain name and premium hosting? Will he be able to make money with his blog?

Adam goes to, where he discovers the answers to all of these questions and the three simple steps to starting a blog in less than ten minutes.

First, choose a topic for your blog, or something you are passionate about. For Adam, that’s easy. Pets!

Second, choose the best platform for your blog, and decide whether or not to go with a free blogging service or to invest a few dollars in premium hosting and having your own domain name. Adam spends some time on and decides to go with his own domain name and hosting.

Third, you need to come up with a great domain name and register it. Again, helped Adam out.

Literally, within ten minutes, Adam is writing his first blog post on his pet Foxy, her favorite toys and content that would be useful to other pet owners.

If you want to experience the fun and potential profit of blogging, start one today at!


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