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If you’re looking to buy a house in Portland, OR, Real Estate Agent Bonnie Roseman can help. http://www.rosecityroseman.com/ Bonnie specializes in historic houses, duplexes, condos and interesting infill in Portland.

Bonnie enjoys helping people relocate to Portland, and find houses that are environmentally friendly. She’s also an Earth Advantage Broker and a Trade Ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon – so if you are looking for an environmentally friendly / green home, check out Bonnie.

Service areas: Alameda, Alberta, Arbor Lodge, Ardenwald, Beaumont, Boise-Eliot, Bridlemile, Brooklyn, Buckman, Burlingame, Colonial Heights, Concordia, Eastmoreland, Garthwick,Goose Hollow, Grant Park, Hawthorne, Hillsdale, Hollywood, Hosford-Abernathy, Irvington, Kenton, King, Ladd’s Addition, Lair Hill, Laurelhurst, Mississippi, Mt. Tabor, Multnomah Village, Nob Hill, Overlook, Piedmont, Richmond, Rose City, Roseway, Sabin, Sellwood, Sullivan’s Gulch, Sunnyside, University Park, West Hills, Westmoreland, Woodlawn, Woodstock– did we miss any?

Give Bonnie a call today and start your Portland home buying (or selling) journey (503) 495-5777


I’m Bonnie Roseman and I am a realtor here in Portland Oregon. I work primarily in the close in neighborhoods matching people and houses for condos or duplexes that kind of thing.

I a focus on old homes and interesting infill. And one of my areas of specialty is relocation. I had that experience of transplanting myself very abruptly and so I really remember what that felt like. And I love working with clients who are coming from other parts of the country or other parts of the world . So one if it big things that has been changing in decades is the focus on the environment and how we live in the environment.

I a try in my personal life with my own house to build in as many green features as I can. Last year I even bought my first plugin all-electric car and put in a car charger so I just charge my car up a couple of hours every night. No more gas station for me. And so I try to apply these things in my own life and then the more research I do in my experience I have, I can share that with clients.

Most of my clients are urban people. They want to live in the city. They want to live where they can get out and walk, go to a farmers market. They’re interested in protecting the environment. They’re interested in eating organic food. They like good food, good things to drink, good things to eat.

So people who wanna be near restaurants, shopping and able to walk to things. People who enjoy having a short drive to the mountains, to the coast. Having the city kinda bisected by rivers and surrounded by the mountain it’s just it’s very beautiful here and I get a lot of people that are drawn to that beauty and the politics of Portland and it’s just a very relaxed casual place to be.

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