Saving a rusted oil pan

I am saving this rusting oil pan and refurbishing it for re-use on my project. After cleaning it down to bare metal I washed it in soap and water to remove any residue then painted it with high temperature engine paint.

Here is the video of this pan being installed as well as tips to a succesfull, no leaking, oil pan install.

If you have a hard to find (or impossible to find) oil pan then it may be worth doing this even if you need to weld and patch it first.

To see the horrible condition of the car this came off of:

Here is some info on the tools I am using:

Harbor freight model 68992 40 lb sandblaster like the one I used:

Really cheap Harbor Freight model 95793 $20 sandblaster

I am using black beauty / patriot blast slag media, available from Caquest and Napa stores.

You can pickup most of these supplies at your typical auto parts store, hardware store, or home improvement store. Autozone, VIP, Oreileys, Napa, Carquest, Advance Auto, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.


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